I couldn’t bring myself to define her even if I really wanted to. Even if it was true, if I really wanted to do, even more than I want her – there’s nothing that I could do or that would make me able to lay her on paper. What I can do is allow you to maker her up like in a book or a music, but just know that she’s greater than any character ever written up. She’s the atmosphere. The true connection between world and every else. The normal and the unknown. She expands herself every second, and if you want to know her better, and she allows it, you’re a lucky guy.

She has no ideia  of how profound the effect she held on me, how deep has it become. But if you really intends to know her by my words, and I promise you that I’m damn good in describing her and how she reacts upon me. And if you have never reached her or someone near – that I’m a hundred percent sure that doesn’t exist – I highly recommend you to stick with me for a while, like blood running through or veins.

Before I strip down to my own bare sensations and raw thoughts about herself and her body that shapes me into a unfamiliar degree, I have to say that she’s the gorgeous, the most clever and sexy woman in this planet. Happily, she’s my lover and this is a misread. I’ll fight for her night and day and let her know how incredible she’s.

That being said, since she started talking about maybe everything, or even sharing kisses between our lips, since we first met, since I first saw her walking down the streets I just knew. I knew that she would turn my world upside down and we would fell into a briskly intimacy that we would never recover. At least, my thoughts are the same  as Fitzgerald. She fascinates me, with her I’m a better person, or just look forward to be. At least, a better lover. She makes my mess, and all the madness in the world makes sense, because life is worth with her.

Not only on my mind, but she’s all over my body. Even when she’s not around she can control my actions. When I’m down to my own thoughts, for the first time the memories come to hit me hard, like when I fell from the stars and hit the middle of the back. The sound of her breathing, but heavily, intends me to do things that pleasure is far from limits. She’s in the margins of my mind and I cannot thing about anything else. Just her body close, while I’m touching her and kissing her, all the vulnerable parts of her body, slowly. Seeing her lips opening of pleasure with my hands around her neck, and my lips climbing her body like it was a mountain.

Now I think you’re starting to understand the depth of the situation. Of my very own situation. That she makes me leave myself aside and feel more that I’ve felt and been to places that I’ve never been to. Living on her side is like to be in the edge of everything, starring at her eyes that could deep as the ocean and speak words that any dictionary would be able to explain.

My mouth just hasn’t shut up since her lips were close to my lips. My mind is burning since she was beautifully undressed and surrounded by my body. We might fight and take each other for granted sometimes, but the love between us is sincere and somehow pure. She’s my first choice for everything. At day she’s my queen, and at night she’s…well, you know.

I’ll always be looking forward to share my deepest secrets with her. She’s the one that in the end of the day I’ll be waiting. I’ll see films with her, read books, drink coffee and listen to music. I cannot say that we’ll se art, because she’s my favorite. My mind is a mess, because I just want to put her down to her dirtiest thoughts, kiss her neck until a I write a poem on it. Kiss her body, her mouth, see her gorgeous back and give her pleasures that she would never think about it.

She’s the beginning and the end of everything, and this is an understatement.


Posted by:Victor Hugo

Just a mad man with a box.

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